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The hub in SystemHouse Solutions’ product range is the Integra security platform with which intrusion alarms, access control, video surveillance and fire alarm systems are easily integrated. The product portfolio also includes a visitor management system, Check In, and a cloud solution, Cloud.

Powerful security solutions that ensure safety both today and in the intelligent buildings of the future

For over two decades products from SystemHouse Solutions have helped shape the Nordic security market. As the smart building concept evolces, SystemHouse Solutions is a natural leader within this segment developing the intelligent solutions of the future.

Today, products from SystemHouse Solutions are installed in numerous businesses all over Scandinavia. If you visit a hospital, university, museum or factory there is a high probability  that SystemHouse Solutions has provided the security solution keeping the building safe and secure.

The cornerstone of the product range is the Integra platform which has been developed and installed for more than 20 years. Integra offers companies and organisations an advanced, tailor-made, high-technology access control and security system with a flexible integration platform. The Integra system is scalable making it suitable for both smaller companies and larger companies and enterprises. Every year, there are three releases with new features, functionalities and updates to maintain optimal system functionality and security.

The products within the range are the RFID card readers BCR-SD G2, a modern, stylish display reader with a keypad and BCR-S Mini G2, a reader without neither keypad nor display. Both readers allow for multiple RFID technologies simultaneously, as well as remote configuration and upgrading. The system also includes the Moveo/Moveo XL access control units and the S-Node G2 door control which togehter with the readers, software and integration options forms a highly competent and scalable security system.

Artifex is a web-based user interface for the security solutions within the Integra platform. The user interface includes two functionalities: credentials administration and alarm presentation. The credentials administration function is designed make credentials administration, PIN management and and basic accesses more user friendly, thereby requiring less training for administrators, allowing them to focusing on overall Integra funcionality instead.

The other function in Artifex is alarm presentation where you can  add building blueprints to a map for monitoring, controlling and activating- or deactivating alarm areas. This allows for enhanced monitoring, especially practical for multiple sites or buildings, directly on a tablet or other mobile device.

Check In
Check In is a visitor management system with functionality for almost every need. Check In handles your organizations visitor flow in a smooth, modern and safe way. Functionality such as Outlook integration, inbuilt IP telephony, SMS notification, GDPR forms and relay opening of doors, lifts and speed gates makes Check In one of the most competent and user-friendly visitor systems on the market. Check In has hardware and licences to fit every customers specific needs. SystemHouse Solutions’ Check In visitor management system can of course be integrated with our access control system and comes with an open API for integration with other systems.

Our cloud solution is a convenient offering for customers opting not to invest in an onsite installation. The cloud solution ensures, that you always have the latest software version and that your system is backed up and secured. By using Cloud, you also ensure that your company and personal data are protected by encrypted connections between the hardware and clients at your premises and the servers managed by SystemHouse Solutions. Backups are done every night and stored in a different building from the back up server for increased security.

In addition, SystemHouse Solutions has partnerships with industry-leading companies such as SimonsVoss, AssaAbloy and Milleteknik.

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