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Why Use Customer Configurable OSDP Card Readers?

Enterprise level security

Full interoperability

Brilliant user experiences

Card readers from SystemHouse Solutions are like a Rubik's Cube - with almost limitless configuration and customization options. That makes them a great fit in almost any setting or system. And just like with the Rubik's Cube, whenever the situation calls for it, the ideal configuration is right there at your fingertips.

Enterprise level security

Full interoperability

Brilliant user experiences

Designed to add value for every stakeholder, from installers and security companies to end users.

Card readers from SystemHouse Solutions are specifically designed to provide added value to everyone involved in the planning, installation, configuration and use of the system. They bring great versatility, easy installation and powerful security. Wherever they operate.

Upgrade, scale and grow. At your customers’ own pace.

The EXRead series is built for easy scaling and maximum interoperability. It uses OSDP and includes a state-of-the-art Configuration Tool, providing almost unlimited possibilities for customization and configuration. The best part? The customer can easily do all configuration, without external assistance.

OSDP Verified

Customer configurable

Unleash brilliant, customized visitor experiences. With just a click.

All products in the EXRead series have been tested, improved and adjusted to fit a wide range of businesses, for over over 25 years. All that flexibility and functionality is readily available in both the hardware and software. It’s actually just a click away.

Customize & configure

Tested, & trusted for 25+ years

Enterprise level security. Whenever needed.

SystemHouse Solutions readers offer enterprise level security. In fact, our readers provide secure access and identification for 70% of universities, 30% of prisons and 50% of hospitals in Sweden. Yet, their flexibility and cost-efficiency also make them a preferred choice for thousands of offices, small businesses and warehouses.

Scrutinized by leading companies and organizations. For 25 years.

Our readers are found in hospitals, detention centres, museums, factories and offices all over Scandinavia. They guarantee reliability and the highest level of protection for people, properties and facilities. Around the clock.

See customer cases

Integrate easily with legacy systems.

All EXRead products are OSDP Verified. That gives you and your customers total freedom to incorporate new functionality to the access control system when the need arises. Without replacing existing systems and installations.

Reduce complexity with combined identity control and access control.

EXRead combines access and identity control in one reader. That ensures that only verified individuals can access certain areas, reducing the risk of unauthorized entry. It also makes scaling easier, lowers costs and guarantees compliance.

Consistent user experience

Reduce costs and complexity


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