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Get Full Control, Over Access Control.

Easy to use

Task based access

Invite without encryption keys

One of the most powerful features of the EXRead series is the versatile Configuration Tool. It makes configurations easy, secure and trouble free. And not just for installers and technical professionals. The interface is designed and structured to make it easy to use, for everyone.

Easy to use

Task based access

Invite without encryption keys

Access control, your way.

What if your customers and their end users could configure the way their access control works, sounds, looks and acts? Without time consuming administration, third party configuration or dealing with shared encryption keys? With the EXRead Configuration Tool that is not only possible. It is standard.

Sending encryption keys should be a thing of the past.

The Configuration Tool enables end users to effortlessly manage configurations and updates without the need to share encryption keys. It allows them to securely lock down all the functionalities they wish to control, while selectively granting access only to the features that installers or service staff require.

Increased security

Peace of mind

Get a Swiss army knife at every door stop.

EXRead offers a range of simplicity or complexity to suit just about any need. Users can opt for quick setup standard configurations, or craft comprehensive enterprise solutions for more extensive requirements—all manageable via the Configuration Tool.

Upgrade when needed

Scale with ease

With an intuitive and easy to use interface.

The interface of the Configuration Tool is designed with user-friendliness in mind, offering preconfigured standard settings for ease of use. For those seeking customization, intuitive drop-down menus allow for straightforward configuration tailored to the end user’s preferences.

Send instant updates, to all readers at once.

EXRead streamlines updates by offering a service card or file transfer for quick, system-wide changes. For detailed adjustments, users can configure readers directly with a laptop via cable, blending efficiency with user control.

File transfer

Service card or laptop

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