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Enterprise Security. The Size of a Credit Card.

IP65 / IK10

Mobile ready

Weight: 46 grams

The EXRead Mini card reader is one of the smallest RFID-readers on the market. Yet its performance matches that of most much larger readers. It is OSDP Verified, offers maximum level of security, id-control, vandal protection and weather resistance. And, of course, it comes with NFC wallet support.

IP65 / IK10

Mobile ready

Weight: 46 grams

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Designed, developed & 
manufactured in the EU. Since 1999.

Ultra compact OSDP™ Verified RFID card reader that fits everywhere. And anyone.

The EXRead Mini is a contactless card reader fitted with a brilliant RGB multicolor LED-stripe, an internal buzzer and a sturdy, tamper-proof housing for the most challenging environments. It is designed and developed by SystemHouse Solutions and manufactured in the EU. It is suitable for a multitude of solutions together with accessories and the state-of-the-art EXRead Configuration Tool.

Small enough to fit anywhere. Big enough to handle anything

Despite its small footprint, the EXRead Mini offers massive functionality. High-security RFID-reading options can be combined with support for legacy technologies to allow an easy upgrade path with a minimum of administration. The Secure Channel optionality offers end-to-end encryption.

20 mm thin, 45 mm wide

End-to-end encryption

Built for maximum resistance. Very hard to resist.

The EXRead Mini is a reader to be trusted, even in the toughest of conditions. Its refined and tough outer case protects from both water and dust and offers maximum vandal resistance. Add even more protection with the range of color-matched accessories.

IP65 environment protection

IK10 vandal proof

Access control, exactly the way you want it.

With EXRead card readers there is no need to share secret access keys to third parties, such as installers or integrators. The Configuration Tool gives system owners full control. Configuration files can be saved, and encryption keys can be hidden to allow system owners to input encryption keys and hide the keys for safekeeping. When a configuration is completed, it is securely communicated to the reader using configuration cards programmed from the EXRead Configuration Tool, or by File Transfer directly from the ACU.

Mix multiple card systems in one reader

The EXRead Slimline is designed for handling multipe card systems, old and new, simultaneously and parallel. Combine selective CSN/UID reading and up to five MIFARE CLASSIC/PLUS cards with data on a sector and up to five MIFARE DESFire cards with data in an application and CIV with data in a certificate. Perfect for shared facilities and systems with legacy components.

Multiple card systems, one reader

Seamless upgrades of legacy cards

Smooth and effortless system upgrades with dual memory banks.

Just like all card readers in the EXRead series, the Mini is equipped with not just one but two memory banks. This redundancy feature eliminates the risk of downtime and access problems associated with a system upgrade. The extra memory bank acts as a back-up that ensures undisrupted access and makes it possible to upgrade the system during office hours.

Selected accessories

Installation angle

15 & 30 degrees is used when the card reader needs to be mounted on a lower level for easy access by all users

Mounting frame

Is recommended if the mounting surface is uneven. The mounting frame can also be used as a distance for external mounting

Vandal protection

Is a frame that redirects and absorbs power from side and front blows and protects the reader.

Installation plate for vandal protection

Is used when the card reader is mounted on an uneven wall or on a metal surface.

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