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Our customers share one thing. They want versatile, secure and great looking card readers with proven functionality for access control. The EXRead series offers customer configurable readers, flexible and capable enough to fit any access control system.

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Every EXRead reader is an OSDP™ Verified, enterprise level RFID-reader. They offer CIV & PKI support, file transfer capability for upgrades and configuration and are designed with unique Click-On design for quick installation and service. Massive flexibility and customization options with the powerful EXRead Configuration Tool.

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Ultra Thin. Ultra Tough. Visually Brilliant.

The EXRead Display card reader is not only visually stunning, with its large 2,8’’ color display and sleek design. It is also OSDP™ Verified, comes with maximum level of vandal protection and operates in almost any temperature. Not to mention the massive amounts of flexibility it provides, for users and system owners alike.

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Integrated Intrusion Alarm and Access Control. In One Flexible Platform.

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Designed, developed & 
manufactured in the EU. Since 1999.

OSDP Verified RFID access control and identity 
card readers. From vaults, to vending machines.

SystemHouse Solutions stands as the market leader in enterprise security across hospitals, universities, and prisons within Scandinavia. In addition to these sectors, our card readers ensure secure access for thousands of offices, warehouses, and small businesses. Every day, we facilitate the safe entry of hundreds of thousands of individuals.

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Made for great user experiences. From installation, to access and support.

The EXRead series is developed in cooperation with a wide range of companies and organizations. From system installers and owners to business owners and The Swedish Associations of the Visually and Hearing Impaired. The result? Great accessability and user experiences – for everyone.

Built on open framework for easy scaling, integration and flexibility.

All readers in the EXRead product line employ the Open Supervised Device Protocol over multidrop RS-485. That makes them suitable for a multitude of solutions together with accessories and the included state-of-the-art configuration tool.

Modular software for cost-effective, adjustable functionality and user experiences

Whilst EXRead products are developed to excel in demanding, multifacetted security systems, a major benefit is the modular approach of the included Configuration Tool. That means you can offer a great deal of flexibility to your customers. They, in turn, only select the functionality they need.

Proven in some of the toughest and most demanding access control systems

SystemHouse Solutions is the market leader in a number of verticals, including hospitals, prisons and universities, in Scandinavia. Every day, our readers enable secure and easy access for hundreds of thousands of people in the Nordic countries.

Very easy access. Very hard to surpass.

EXRead card readers excel in a variety of systems - from universities, hospitals and prisons to office buildings, logistics warehouses and retail property. Proving its reliability, flexibility and durability. Every day.

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