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Minimal Footprint. In Every Aspect.

Mullion-mount design

Mobile ready

Click-on installation

The EXRead Slimline reader is a slim, energy efficient, secure keypad access reader for NFC smartcard credentials. Its minimalistic design features a tactile 2x6 button keypad with a configurable backlight, an RGB multi-color LED light stripe status indication and an internal buzzer with adjustable sound levels.

Mullion-mount design

Mobile ready

Click-on installation

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Designed, developed & 
manufactured in the EU. Since 1999.

Advanced, mullion mount design OSDP™ verified RFID card reader.

The EXRead Slimline employs the Open Supervised Device Protocol communication over multidrop RS-485. The state-of-art Configuration Tool makes it suitable for a multitude of solutions and applications. The Secure Channel optionality provided by the OSDP™ gives you end-to-end encryption from the RFID credential via the RFID card reader to the access control system.

Exceptional functionality. That fits on a door frame.

Measuring only 131,6×45,6×21,5 mm the EXRead Slimline packs a great deal of functionality despite its compact design. It is mobile ready, vandal proof, has a configurable tactile keypad and comes with a range of colour matched accessories.

21,5 mm thin, 45,6 mm wide

Power efficient

Maximum resistance and durability.

The EXRead Slimline is built to perform and endure, even in tough conditions. Its ultra-tough casing, multitude of accessories and robust construction make sure it stays operational. Even when the odds are against it.

IP65 dust and water proof

IK10 vandal proof

The most energy efficient reader we ever made.

With an outstandingly low 21 mA power consumption, the EXRead Slimline is as power efficient as it gets. Despite making it a sustainable, cost efficient choice it also reduces battery pack dependency and capacity. And, just like all readers in the EXRead Series, Slimline complies with both RoHS and REACH.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue?

The EXRead Slimline is designed for handling multipe card systems, old and new, simultaneously and parallel. Combine selective CSN/UID reading and up to five MIFARE CLASSIC/PLUS cards with data on a sector and up to five MIFARE DESFire cards with data in an application and CIV with data in a certificate. Perfect for shared facilities and systems with legacy components.

Multiple card systems, one reader

Seamless upgrades of legacy cards

Never worry about a system upgrade again with dual memory banks.

Just like all card readers in the EXRead series, the Slimline is equipped with not just one but two memory banks. This eliminates the risk of downtime and access problems associated with a system upgrade. The extra memory bank acts as a back-up that ensures undisrupted access and makes it possible to upgrade the system during office hours.

Selected accessories

Installation angle

15 & 30 degrees is used when the card reader needs to be mounted on a lower level for easy access by all users

Mounting frame

Is recommended if the mounting surface is uneven. The mounting frame can also be used as a distance for external mounting

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