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Market-Ready? Not Enough!

We love our technology. We use our products and software, push them harder in our labs, and if something’s not up to par, we’re the first to know. But where does this ambitious approach come from, you may ask? Fear, of course. Because our services and solutions must be more than just market-ready; they must also be approved by the toughest critics we know—our engineers. So, “market-ready”? The least of our problems.

Our First Years Were Tough. That Made Us Strong.

SystemHouse Solutions was established in 1999, serving as a security development partner to prominent property developers in Sweden. From the outset, our solutions have been chosen by some of the most demanding sectors in the Nordic region, requiring exceptional dedication from our team. Today, our products are found across all sectors, and servicing 70% of universities, 50% of hospitals, and 30% of prisons in Sweden and Norway.

We don’t move boxes.

One thing is very clear. The amount of change that has taken place in and around the security business over the last 25 years is mind-boggling. In a dynamic industry, there’s always a drive for innovation over legacy solutions. Our products embody this forward-thinking approach.

We know every system and customer is different.

Heard that one before? Alright, we know. But trust us on this one. The proof is in the way we conduct business – and in the way we design our products and software. Our products are open, customizable in ways you did not think possible, and we are always there to develop new funcionality together with our customers. To make systems that can fit any end user – big or small.

We know the importance of being in control of end-to-end operations.

From the very beginning, SystemHouse Solutions was set up to be in control of end-to-end operations. Therefore, all design and hardware/software development is done in-house by our development team, with assembly also done within the EU. Key results are agile responses to innovation, market demands, customer requirements, product availability with timely deliveries and market competitive high-end enterprise technology. That means our customers can expect reliable, well timed deliveries with short lead times and high availability.

We know customization is key.

The world is in constant motion. Businesses, authorities, legislators, technologies and security applications change. Sometimes over night. Needless to say, security solutions need continous development to stay secure, compliant and future proof. Our in-house development team make sure our ecosystem keeps its position as a leader in its sector.

We believe we have the best in front of us.

If you’re familiar with us, you know that innovative solutions are at the core of what we do. Right now, our team work on next generation mobile experiences for identification and access control. We can’t wait to show you the results. As active members of industry associations such as SIA, OSDP VWG and Technical Subcommitte we are part of the industry dialogue. And you know what? We’re convinced the next thing is going to be even better.

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