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Ultra Thin. Ultra Tough. Visually Brilliant.

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CIV & PKI support

The EXRead Display card reader is not only visually stunning, with its large 2,8’’ color display and sleek design. It is also OSDP Verified, comes with maximum level of vandal protection and operates in almost any temperature. Not to mention the massive amounts of flexibility it provides, for users and system owners alike.

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Mobile ready

CIV & PKI support

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Designed, developed & 
manufactured in the EU. Since 1999.

OSDP™ Verified RFID card reader that makes integrating with the ACU and Cloud a breeze.

The EXRead Display reader is a secure keypad access reader with a large color display for reading NFC smartcard and wallet credentials. It employs the Open Supervised Device Protocol communication over multidrop RS-485 and is suitable for a multitude of solutions together with accessories and the resourceful state-of-the-art Configuration Tool.

Give your visitors and colleagues a warm welcome. Every time.

Measuring only 123.5/88/20 mm the EXRead Display packs a great deal of functionality despite its compact design. It is vandal proof, features a large 2,8’’ color display, has a configurable tactile keypad and comes with a range of color matched accessories.

20 mm thin, 88 mm wide

Click-on installation

Your place is your brand. Not ours.

What if you could communicate your brand on every door post and entrance? With EXRead Display you can. And you don’t have to worry about other branding disturbing the experience, our readers are non branded. Display text messages, logos, infographics or visuals. Tailor to specific visitors, groups, meeting rooms or departments – or maximize impact with global messaging.

Impressive visual experience with dynamic proximity and ambient light sensors.

The EXRead Display is designed for dynamic visual experiences. Proximity and ambient light sensors lets you customize everything – from sound to light and visuals – depending on the situation or visitor. Use one set-up in standby mode, one when visitors approach the reader and one when the card or phone is presented.

TFT non burn-in color display

Extended character set support

Improve service levels messaging & assistance

The display is a great tool for helping users if they encounter problems with their card or access levels. Automating the messaging on the screen lets you improve the user experience while reducing time spent on support. The best thing? The customer can easily configure the messaging in the ACU.

Security you can trust, in just about any temperature and setting.

The EXRead Display is built to perform, even in the toughest of climates. Its intelligent heating element keeps the display responsive also in cold conditions. The ultra-tough casing, multitude of accessories and robust construction make sure it stays operational. Even when the odds are against it.

-40°C to +70°C

Vandal protection accessories

Selected accessories

Installation angle

15 & 30 degrees is used when the card reader needs to be mounted on a lower level for easy access by all users

Mounting frame

Is recommended if the mounting surface is uneven. The mounting frame can also be used as a distance for external mounting.

Vandal protection

Is a frame that redirects and absorbs power from side and front blows and protects the reader. We have vandal protection frames with or without display protection.

Installation plate for vandal protection

Is used when the card reader is mounted on an uneven wall or on a metal surface.

Weather hood

Is used when the card reader is installed outdoors and exposed to rain, or in harsh environments indoor, We have two different weather hoods, plexiglass or aluminium.

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