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Integrated Intrusion Alarm and Access Control in One Flexible Platform

SystemHouse Solutions' alarm and access control system includes card readers with the latest technology and design controlled by access control units with the capacity to control and monitor large complex enterprises as well as smaller businesses. If you require, functions and integrations can be added for an intrusion alarm and access control system tailored to your needs. The Integra security platform has been the hub in SystemHouse Solutions offering for more than 20 years and is a market leading solution for combined access control and intrusion alarm systems.

RFID card readers and accessories

State of the art card readers capable of utilizing the highest security in RFID technology with system unique features and accessories available for facilitating installation and improving protection against a harsh climate.

Integra Card Readers

Control units

Powerful access control units that are scalable which allows control of both smaller businesses and larger complex enterprise solutions with combined intrusion alarm and access control system functionalities.

Control Units

Functions & Integrations

A variety of functions and integration possibilities allows for cross platform optimisation of usage.

More about the functions

Why Integra?

With Integra you get a state-of-the-art intrusion alarm and access control system that combines functions into one integrated security system capable of managing, monitoring and presenting events as they happen. Among the products, you will find card readers and access control units with cutting-edge functionality, security and design. With its vast integration possibilities for external systems, Integra is one of the market’s most competent and adaptable intrusion alarm- and access control system.

Powerful handling of data

One major advantage of Integra is its powerful data processing which enables the management of a large number of intrusion alarm devices and/or card readers and large quantities of personal data. This makes Integra the first choice for complex organisations such as hospitals and universities, where there are normally numerous intrusion alarm devices and card readers that requires configuration and updating, or where there are large numbers of students, personnel and contractors putting a strain on the management of persons in the security system.

Always at the forefront

With Integra, you have the option of always having a modern and updated security system, even with an older installation. The platform is continuously evolving, and new functionality is regularly added. This is the result of the continuous development that keeps the security system secure and relevant by adding new functionality and features.

Integrate with systems you know

An Integra installation can be integrated with external systems. Alarm presentation for the fire alarm system, which also automatically controls gates and open doors, and CCTV and camera surveillance events triggering alarms and actions are a couple of example integrations. Integra functions in these cases as a presentation and management system. You can read more about integration here.

Intrusion alarm system, security grade 3

As an intrusion alarm system, Integra is certified to security grade 3 as per EN50131-1. Integra is a fully autonomous security system, which means that the system can continue to function even if the connection to the database or server is lost.

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