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On a path towards a sustainable future

At SystemHouse Solutions, we make active choices every day to secure a sustainable future. To reduce our environmental impact, all new company cars are hybrid or electric vehicles.
As a market-leading distributor of security products, it is also essential for our customers to feel confident that a solution from SystemHouse Solutions is always manufactured in a way that helps spare the world's natural resources.

Sustainability & environment

Sustainability and the environment are imtegral parts of the SystemHouse Solutions business. For us, this means everything from how production waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way to how our employees choose to travel to create the smallest carbon footprint possible.

SystemHouse Solutions works actively with the following priorities for a sustainable future:

  • Sustainable resource use – efficient production and energy efficient products

We want to be an industry leader in low energy consumption and minimal environmental footprints. We offer our customers energy- and environmentally efficient solutions and we reduce our own environmental impact.

  • Good work environment – employee safety, and physical and mental wellbeing

No employee should suffer from physical or mental occupational illness – we have vision on keep this at zero.

  • Good business ethics – in relation to customers, employees and suppliers

All our business relationships must be handled responsibly and correctly.

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