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Safe and efficient flow with the Check In visitor management system

The Check In visitor management system has been installed in a great number of offices, factories and organizations in the Nordics. The system has been specially developed to relieve receptionists and security guards and to help them devote their time to service and security instead of dealing with visitors. SystemHouse Solutions has extensive knowledge and experience of safe visitor flows and will help you with cost-efficient best-practice solutions. Check In will save you money and offer visitors and employees a safe and modern experience with a high service level.

Smooth check in with QR code

It can’t get any easier than this!

This movie clip shows how smoothly the Check In visitor management system works when a visitor enters the reception and uses the QR code invite to register in a self-service kiosk. In this case, the visitor is also allowed to enter the speed gates using the printed badge from Check In.

Digitalize your visitor flow to optimize security, service and efficiency.

About Check In
The Check In visitor management system relieves receptionists and securityguards so that they can focus on service and security instead of visitors. SystemHouse Solutions has contributed to major savings in many cases where our clients have taken the step to reduce staffing and implement our automated visitor management system for visitors of all kinds. In several cases cost reductions of 90% have been possible due to smart digital solutions for visitor flows. This could be unstaffed customer lounges in former receptions or using our QR scanners outside instead of intercom solutions with guards at the other end.

This is how it works
When a visitor arrives, our visitor management system calls the host using IP telephony and a voice tells the host who is visiting and what to do. It is simple to confirm the visit by pressing 1 on your phone or 2 in order to speak with the visitor directly through the system using the kiosk’s inbuilt sound system. Once you confirm a badge is printed and the QR code on the badge can be used to open doors and speedgates if you want to.

SMS notification
As an alternative to IP telephony to notify hosts, you can also choose SMS notification when visitors arrive. An SMS is sent with the visitors name, company and phone number as soon as the visitor has registered in the kiosk or by using a separate scanner.

Visitor flow in larger organisations
In larger organisations a great number of visitors are handled every day by receptionists or security guards. They operate our Check In visitor management system using their ordinary computers and the Check In web interface. Printers and scanners can be connected to handle visitors manually, visitor groups can be pre-booked and visitor badges can be printed before groups arrive to create a faster visitor flow.

Our visitor management system can handle groups in kiosks as well, anabling groups to check in quickly using a kiosk if they are pre-booked. Check In also manages car registration, ordering taxis and scheduled buttons for different events. Reception staff can focus on service or security instead of spending time calling hosts to announce that visitors have arrived.

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