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Special functionality that provides KI with truly professional protection.

With medical science and research in world class, KI demanded a security system with a number of tailor-made security solutions. Thanks to the Integra access control system and SystemHouse Solutions’ ability to create exceptional security solutions, the access control system at KI is operating 7 days a week being used by thousands of people every week.

Karolinska Institutet, KI – medical science, research and education in world class.


Introducing Karolinska Intitutet

Karolinska Institutet, KI, is located in Solna, Stockholm, Sweden and is known to be one of the world’s leading universities. In Sweden, KI accounts for the biggest part of medical and academic research and science and have the largest selection of medical education. In total within KI, 40% of all academic/medical research in Sweden is conducted.

If you look closer at the institute there is a  50/50% divide between science and education.

At KI there are 5,000 employees and around 6,000 students/year.


New tailor-made functionality

After a procurement that SystemHouse Solutions partner Bravida Fire & Security was responsible for, it was clear that the Integra system and our special solutions well met the demands that KI had set for a brand-new alarm and access control system. Besides an access control, burglar alarm and full perimeter protection system, KI demanded elevator control for special nitrogen transportations, sluices, palm-reading and many more specially developed functions. Since this functionality did not exist in our portfolio at this time, SystemHouse Solutions started up a development plan where the most advanced functions where developed directly with SystemHouse Solutions development centre in Zilina Slovakia.

This commitment in the development of special and smart functionality made it possible to meet the new demands.


Check In releases workload in receptions and creates a smooth visitor flow

Karolinska Institutet also uses SystemHouse Solutions’ visitor management system. In total six self-service kiosks have been installed so far at KI. The visitor management system is synchronised with Active Directory. The kiosks release workload in manned and unmanned receptions at different locations within the large hospital and science area.


User-friendly and reliable security system for staff and security guards

After the installation of the Integra platform, KI have experienced a number of positive aspects with the system. One of the benefits, compared to other systems is that Integra is easy to operate and understand. It is extremely reliable and logical to use, already from the beginning. The web interface Artifex where you can follow where an alarm was initiated makes it even easier to work with. This makes it efficient and user friendly when security guards and surveillance centres work with the system. The visitor management system has also created less workload in the reception areas.

The possibility of adding many tailor-made functions in the integra system is also a big advantage, which enables the daily business to go on without problems concerning security for staff and students.


Integra at KI in numbers

  • about 300 access control units
  • about 5,000 alarm points
  • about 20,000 active cards
  • about 800 card readers

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