Secured logistic center at DSV with the adaptable Integra system.

A multifunctional security platform that handles access control, burglar alarms and fire protection was some of the demands from the customer DSV when they built their new logistic centre in Landskrona in the south of Sweden. With the Integra system, all requirements could be met.

DSV - a giant in transport and logistics with operations all over the world


Introducing DSV

DSV is a global partner in logistics and transportation with its head office in Denmark. DSV have three divisions, DSV Road, DSV Air&Sea and DSV Solutions. The company has offices in 75 countries.

DSV has a large logistic centre strategic placed along the E6 highway outside Landskrona, Sweden. The very modern facility is 100 ,000 square meters and it’s a new landmark in the region between the highway and the sea. 500 people are working in the warehouse and the office.


A very specific requirement from DSV

When the DSV new logistic centre was planned, Bravida won the tender as security partner. DSV already used Integra and they knew about the advanced and adaptable solutions the Integra access control system offers.

Requirements from DSV was a system that handles access control, burglar alarms, fire alarm and a full perimeter protection. The Integra platform was able to meet all requirements from DSV. Due to the large area the project was extensive and a big installation.



Reliability and stability in Integra are highly appreciated by DSV

Big projects like this are always challenging. The Integra security system performs as a top system handling signals from the fire alarm system and data port controllers using OPC.

The Integra system’s reliability and stability is very much appreciated by the staff at DSV.


The Integra system at DSV in numbers

  • 19 acess control units
  • 5,325 alarm points
  • 1,450 active cards
  • 377 card readers