Enhanced security, cost-effectiveness and keyless everyday life for C4 Energy with the Integra platform.

A smart, uniform system for handling large staff flows in combination with many flexible functions were some of the requirements when Kristianstad Municipality's energy company C4 Energi searched for a new platform for intrusion alarm and access control.


Introducing C4 Energi

C4 Energi is a group owned by the municipality of Kristianstad and consists of three companies: C4 Energi AB, Kristianstad Biogas AB and C4 Elnät AB.

The companies in the Group are active in district heating produced by environmentally friendly biofuel, district cooling for large properties in Kristianstad and environmentally friendly biogas for vehicles and environmentally friendly bio fertilizers. They also conduct electricity trading with 100% renewable electricity for private individuals and companies in Kristianstad municipality, are electricity grid owners in Kristianstad and Åhus. C4 Energi own fiber networks where they build fiber networks in Kristianstad municipality.
The Group has just over 100 employees.


A need for a uniform intrusion alarm and access control system

C4 Elnät had no access control system but decided early on to go with the Integra platform because of its smart customer solutions; own product development and support around the clock through SystemHouse Solutions partner Bravida. The Allöverket (where district heating is produced) chose to upgrade from an existing access control system to Integra partly to get a well-functioning system and partly to get a uniform system within the Group.

C4 Energi has chosen Integra as an integrated access control system/intrusion alarm system, in their office buildings, transformer stations, district heating plants, boiler centers and distribution nodes for fiber networks.


Smart integrations for added functionality and security

SimonsVoss cylinders/padlocks are fully integrated with the Integra platform on both fiber cabinets and gates.
In about 60 fiber cabinets/distribution nodes – in addition to passage systems – burglar alarms, fire indication, temperature alarm High/Low limit, moisture alarm, UPS alarm and rectifier monitoring are detected. All alarms are sent as SIA with pointing alarms and address to the alarm center via integrated Safetel alarm transmitter.
In addition, various alarms are sent to different persons within the organization as both SMS and e-mail.

After the installation, C4 Energi is experiencing that the Integra system makes it easy to manage large staff flows and is very flexible with a various of functions. Integra has solved problems with key management and thus saves both time and money. Above all it has increased the security of the company.


The Integra installation at C4 Energy in numbers

  • 78 undercentraler
  • 570 alarm points
  • 2,382 active cards
  • 229 card readers

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