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Over the past 20-plus years, SystemHouse Solutions has delivered more than 2,500 security systems to operations throughout the Nordic region. Large hospitals, smaller offices, museums or factories - s no challenge is too big or too small for SystemHouse Solutions. Each system represents a custom industry solution with specific requirements and preferences.


SystemHouse Solutions has installed security systems at a large number of businesses in many different industries across the Nordic region. This means that we can offer a wide range of custom industry solutions that meet strict security requirements and the increasing demand for installations in smart buildings. Learn more about how SystemHouse Solutions can help your business and see examples of unique security activities on our different industry pages.

Tailor made security solutions for all industries and businesses

Market-leading security
Over the past 20-plus years, SystemHouse Solutions has delivered more than 2,500 licences, each representing an industry solution with very specific requirements and needs. Competitive pricing in combination with a broad reference network of satisfied customers has resulted in the number of sold solutions continuing to climb. In addition, the integrated platform works exceptionally well in smart buildings thanks to the built-in ability to integrate the entire ecosystem of fire alarms, camera surveillance, intercoms, lighting, ventilation and other functions found in a smart building.

One of the first major sectors to which SystemHouse Solutions delivered security solutions was academia. The first university in Sweden was secured in 1999. Today, no less than 10 of Sweden’s 16 universities are equipped with Integra. Most of Sweden’s universities also have access control systems and instrusion alarms from SystemHouse Solutions.

Another industry where SystemHouse Solutions ia strong contender is hospitals. Today, most of Sweden’s hospitals are protected by an Integra solution. In addition, several specially designed functions have been developed. One example is the quarantine function, which means that a card carrier who has been in a certain area cannot pass through other predetermined areas or re-enter the same area within a certain time interval. This is to avoid the risk of infection and other health risks.

Logistics & Transportation
SystemHouse Solutions has many years’ experience of industry-specific security solutions for the transport and logistics industry. Among other things, a solution for simplifying door opening during loading and unloading has been developed. The integration system is currently used by the Öresund Bridge and several large warehouses in the Nordic region.

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