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Make your visitor management easier with Check In

With a digital visitor management system like Check In, you get many advantages for visitors, receptionists and your staff. Increase your service level, lower your costs and keep a high level of security - all at the same time.

Visitor management for office buildings

SystemHouse Solutions’ Check In visitor management system is designed to simplify and streamline your office visitor flow. Staff gain access with tags or keycards using your access control system and visitors can check in using QR codes sent from Check In. Registration can be done outside the building from an outdoor scanner or inside in a reception area. With Check In,you can lessen the visitor workload on the receptionist or guards. You can also connect the Check In visitor management system to your access control system and grant access and hand over keycards to visitors who need to access certain areas.


Create the best possible visitor flow

Check In manages every single visitor to your office, regardless of whether it is staffed. Thanks to the kiosk’s built-on telephony system, you can offer the same service as if it were staffed. This is secure, easy to use and cost effective.

Market leading visitor management system

How does Check In work?

Check In enables you to streamline visitor management and lessen the workload on receptionists and administrators in an office building. The Check In visitor management system can be administrated from the receptionists’ regular computers via a user-friendly web interface. Before visitors arrive for their meetings, visitor badges can be printed for single visitors or groups of visitors, or groups can quickly register in self-service kiosks using QR codes from the invitations in their mobile phones. Visitors without prior appointments can easily search for hosts and get in contact as the system has a built-in IP telephony system that can call the host and say who is visiting and where. A meeting can be booked anywhere in the building and you can meet your visitors at the booked conference room.

Integrate with calendar

Check In comes with an additional licence for integration with Exchange/Outlook/Office 365. This makes it easier to pre-book visitors from Outlook invitations when you book a room and invite people. When your visitors arrive, they can use the QR codes to register or even open a door, lift or speed gate to a certain area you want them to be able to access. Everything is scheduled with start and end times for their access rights.

Efficient reception with QR codes

Visitors check in quickly and easily using the QR codes sent the night before the visit. The invitation can be sent by SMS or email. The personal QR code can open gates and doors and provide access to conference rooms, as well as offer rapid check-in when registering in a self-service kiosk. the Check In visitor management system can be configured in several ways. It can beused with a scanner at a door or speed gate that sends an SMS notification to the host or a self-service kiosk that calls the host.

Confirm or talk to your visitors when they check in at the kiosk

The Check In visitor management system can notify by sending an SMS to or calling the host from a self-service kiosk. A voice says who is visiting and what to do. Pressing 1 confirms the visitor, pressing 2 enables you to talk to the visitor. When you confirm, the visitor fills in a GDPR consent form or other questions you might want to ask in our built-in formsr. A visitor badge is printed from the kiosk. Thanks to the built-in sound system and SIP telephony function, you can talk to the visitor and provide instructions or simply ask them to wait for you in the lobby.

Flexible and secure visitor management

The self-service kiosk can be connected to a door, gate or lift that opens as soon as the visitor has been approved by the host. The system can be configured to call the host or send an SMS as notification. The Check In visitor management system is highly flexible and you decide how you want it to be configured and whether you want free standing or wall-mounted kiosks or a mini kiosk on a counter.

Manage multiple buildings in one system

If you have multiple sites in different regions/countries, you can easily manage the Check In visitor management system from one administration centre. Each office/site also gets to configurate its own system as regards IP telephonys, SMS notifications, special buttons and features. This is all done in the same cloud or in your own intranet with different levels of access rights.

Visitor management system for offices with multiple tenants

System House Solutions’ Check In visitor management system used in office buildings throughout Nordics. When a visitor arrives at a reception with a self-service kiosk, they can register with their QR code or press the start button. All vendor logos are shown on the touch screen and the visitor clicks the company they want to visit.
Every vendor can manage their staff list and phone numbers by using the company admin for each company in Check In.

Geely Innovation Centre

With the Integra system and web interface Artifex, Geely Innovation Center in Gothenburg is investing in a security system that meets high standards regarding safety, integration and volume management as well as excellent alarm presentation.

Many of the Nordic region's most demanding businesses rely on our security expertise.

It is no coincidence that SystemHouse Solutions products are installed in hospitals, detention centers, museums, industries and offices all over Scandinavia. Our smart solutions guarantee the reliability and highest protection of properties and people around the clock. We are very proud of all our satisfied customers, here you will meet some of them.

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