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Integra 8.60 is now released

Major performance and functionality improvements with Integra version 8.60.

Integra 8.60 contains, among other things, the following news:

  • Significant performance improvements for large installations with Integra Server – implementation of prioritization of alarms presentation vs logging events in separate queues
  • Added support for control panels to all relevant objects in Integra, with support in Artifex Alarm View. This enables very powerful configurations for user control when you need it
  • Artifex search features enhanced with multi-selections, reference and status field data included and presentation in alphabetical order
  • Artifex Control panels in floating windows are now supported for enhanced flexibility. Multiple control panels can be open simultaneously.
  • Added support for RS-485 OSDP protocol integration with Milleteknik Power supplies, PSU can be connected to both Moveo, S-Node G2 and IO-Node devices
  • External integrations enhancements for significantly improved performance

For all new features and deeper information, log on to our customer portal.

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