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Integra supports digital keys from Doordeck

SystemHouse Solutions' collaboration with Doordeck enables you to quickly and easily open doors with your mobile, this by integrating Doordeck in SystemHouse Solutions' access control system Integra.

Digital keys are the future

From Integra version 8.10, digital key management is supported by integrating Doordeck to the system. Doordeck’s service provides the ability to handle lock control in Integra in a secure and smooth way with a mobile phone and is a complement to the Integra access control system.

– We see that non-proprietary solutions for mobile keys are an important part of the future and we believe that the market will choose non-proprietary solutions for digital keys for access systems, says Jonas Ahlgren sales manager at SystemHouse Solutions. We will offer more partners for opportunity to use mobile phones as an alternative to handle temporary passages in open entrance and co-working areas.

Doordeck services is one of several number of solutions that Integra will support that provide the ability to manage lock control in Integra from a mobile phone.

Read more about Doordeck here doordeck.com

For more information, please contact:
Jonas Ahlgren, sales manager, SystemHouse Solutions
Phone: +46 703 507 752

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