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Integra 7.90 is released

Integra version 7.90 was released during summer with several new features and functions. Read more about the release here.

New features in Integra 7.90

Our latest Integra release includes the following news and features:

  • SmartIntego Virtual Card Network (VCN) provides the ability to connect offline readers to Integra. Card reader BCR-G2 updates a keycard with data and an offline reader approves access based on this. An offline reader can also transfer the event log to the keycard, which is then read over to Integra via a BCR-G2 reader at exit.
    In version 7.9, the VCN function was expanded with Blacklist
  • The function Remote Upgrade of Clients, Client Remote Upgrade means that locally installed native clients are remotely upgraded
  • Client Remote Upgrade Service is part Setup
  • Extended field for personal number to 8+6 characters. Note, this is not supported in IEC 1 (6 + 6 characters continued)
  • Added the ability to convert C-Node type from C-Node G2 to Moveo / Moveo XL
  • Added Quarantine functionality to Moveo
  • Added Elevator Priority mode to Moveo
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