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RFID card readers and accessories

Two modern online RFID card readers, BCR-SD G2 (with keypad and display) and BCR-S Mini G2 (without keypad and display), comprise the foundation of SystemHouse Solutions’ proprietary card reader series. Add suitable accessories and you have secure, adaptable card readers that can be used for different applications and in most environments. An Integra installation can also combine and utilize the wireless online readers ASSA APERIO and SimonsVoss Smart Intego for door environments not requiring the same security as traditional online readers.

Intelligent access control readers and accessories for complete and constant security

Access control readers for different purposes
An access control reader from SystemHouse Solutions guarantees you a security product with high functionality as regards communication and configuration settings encryption. The level of user friendliness is high and the access control reader BCR-SD G2, launched  in 2017, is unique thanks to its colour display with full control panel capabilities built in. The smaller access control reader, BCR-S Mini G2, is also a highly competent RFID reader with control capabilities, but as it does not have a display these capabilities are limited.

Online readers
SystemHouse Solutions access control readers are traditional online readers, which are normally installed as part of a door environment with electromechanical locks. The online reader is connected to the access control unit (ACU) and transmits the card data to the access control unit where the decision to permit or deny access is made. At a minimum, we recommend the use of online readers as part of the perimeter security.

Wireless online readers
For door environments not requiring as high security as traditional online readers, SystemHouse Solutions has implemented functionality in Integra for two of the markets finest wireless online readers, SmartIntego from SimonsVoss and Aperio from ASSA ABLOY. A wireless online reader can, for instance, be used for doors leading to conference rooms or individual office doors without higher security requirements.

In order to protect the access control readers from harsh environments and for the users to be able to use them in the best possible way, SystemHouse Solutions offers several accessories designed specifically for these readers

Angled installation brackets
Accessibility or equal rights legislation means that the access control reader often is installed at a height where a person in a wheelchair can easily use the reader. In order for the readers to be used by individuals who are standing as well, the access control reader needs to be tilted upwards. For this reason, angled installation brackets are available with both 15 and 30 degree angles, making the access control reader more practical and the text visible to all users.

Climate protection cover
If the access control reader is installed in an outdoor environment, we recommend protecting the reader from rain or snow. Protective covers are available in transparent plastic.

Installation bracket
All SystemHouse Solutions access control readers are easy to install, although an installation bracket is recommended when the installation surface is uneven. The installation bracket can also be used to facilitate installations with surface-mounted wiring. It also fills an important role when there is a risk of water running down the wall where the reader is installed. If the installation bracket is used in such circumstances the water will flow behind instead of over the access control reader. The installation bracket can be combined with the climate protection cover.

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