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Control Units

In the Integra platform there are two different control units, Moveo and Moveo XL and an access point and I/O controller, S-Node G2. The central units are the engine within Integra and handles all logical decisions and controls the connected access point and I/O controllers. All controllers from SystemHouse Solutions are reliable and easy to install.

Dynamic control units for all conditions.

Moveo and Moveo XL are the control units from SystemHouse Solutions designed to be used in the intrusion alarm and access control system Integra. As the naming suggests, they are two variants of the same solution, what differs is the number of door environments and alarm points they manages. Both are certified to security grade 3 of EN50131-1 together with access point and I/O controller S-Node G2 and the access control reader BCR-SD G2. The control units from SystemHouse Solutions are designed to function autonomously so even if they are disconnected from the central server they will continue to act according to the latest downloaded information and take access decisions based on this information while continuing to locally store events until connection to the server is reestablished.

Updating of firmware is centrally controlled from the Integra server and this process as well as configuration of for instance communication settings are easily handled by a trained technician. The experienced design team has profoundly considered and implemented a well-defined, straightforward installation process for a multitude of installation environments in order to eradicate possible mistakes during installation. Moveo and Moveo XL is suitable for the smaller office spaces with just a few door environments as well as more complex installations with thousands of doors and even more alarm points. Thanks to the dynamic structuring of the databases, all levels can easily be managed and maintained over time.

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