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Self service-kiosks and terminals

Disabled access for visitors can be a legislative reqiurement. This is why our freestanding kiosks are of the correct height for every visitor, whether they are tall or sitting in a wheel chair. Our Check In visitor management system can also be built into your reception desk or other furnishings.


Kiosks with user-friendly interfaces

With the help of our user-friendly interfaces and terminals, visitors are instructed throughout the check-in process. In a few seconds, the visitor is registered and a visitor badge is printed. An SMS is sent or a phone call is made to the host to inform them of the visitor’s arrival.

Functional self-service kiosks for all kinds of environments and receptions

All our self-service kiosks come with touch-screens for fast and user-friendly check in and visitor management.

The durable hardware is built-in with a locked door at the front of the kiosks. We only use hardware designed for operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We use a 22” touch-screen, an industrial PC, a thermoprinter and enough paper for 500 visitor badges, a QR scanner, a sound system and a microphone to handle calls and interaction. In some cases, we use an I/O (relay card) in the kiosks or a speedgate to open a door.

If you would prefer a touch screen, printer and scanner at the reception desk, this is also fine. The Check In visitor management system can be set up with a minikiosk on the desk. We use a Point of Sales (POS) computer with a CPU and touch-screen in an attractive encapsulation. They look good on the reception desk or a shelf beside reception. The minikiosk is equipped with a printer and a scanner and can be configured to send an SMS or make an IP phone call.

Sometimes a kiosk is not suitable but with Check In, nothing is impossible. SystemHouse Solutions will come up with a proposal for a tailor made built-in touch-screen or wall-mounted hardware.

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