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Licences to suit all business demands, needs and requirements.

The Check In visitor management system has modular design to suit all business needs and requirements. Choose between Base, Premium and Enterprise. All licences are annual with a minimum 3-year contract.

Base, Premium or Enterprise?

All our licences come with the Systemhouse Solutions Cloud service included.

Check In Base offers the basic features you can expect from any visitor management system. The next level is Premium with all integrations and functions available. Enterprise is the most comprehensive licence and has no limitations on the extent of your visitor management system.

Base replaces paper and pen with a digital visitor management system. This licence suits a small office with the need for only one system and basic functionality.

Includes functionality such as SMS notification, cloud service, web interface, tabs for staff data base admin, temporary buttons, badge templates, pre-booking, group handling, statistics, emergency lists and car registrations.

Check In Premium is a state-of-the-art visitor management system suitable for businesses requiring a very powerful tool to streamline visitor flows and make savings in staffing.


Built in SIP telephony system that enables real phone calls from self-service kiosks to hosts. Premium can be installed in your own IT environment or in our cloud. All features are available in Premium, such as Outlook integration, AD-synchronisation, API to access control systems, service clients with scanners and relay cards to open speedgates and doors.

You can connect a maximum of 8 self-service client licences, 8 reception-licences, and as many service client licences you like to our Premium licence.

Our Enterprise licence is suitable for larger companies and organisations with high demands on visitor flows, security and relieving guards and receptionists to a larger extent. There are no limits on how many sites or add-on licences you can connect within your corporate group.

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