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Functionality and integrations for a smooth visitor flow

The Check In visitor management system creates a very smooth visitor flow from when booking a meeting room in Outlook through pre-booking, access and registration to your your visitor arriving at the meeting room. Choose the functionality and integrations that suit your visitor flow expectations.

Automatic phone calls with integrated SIP telephony

One of our most popular features is the built-in IP-telephony (SIP) program. This feature really makes a difference in visitor management. The self-service kiosks can call the host automatically when the visitor registers in the kiosk.

Watch this movie to see how SIP-telephony works in an unstaffed reception.

Smart and practical features facilitate for visitors and hosts

When Check In is deployed in your IT environment or in SystemHouse Solutions Cloud, every member of staff gets an email invitation with login credentials for the visitor management system. The staff database can be synchronized with your Active Directory. Your staff can login using SSO or create a log-in using their email and a password. The admin interface enables you to set permissions for staff, receptionists and administrators. It can also be used to set company admins if there are multiple companies using the same Check In system.

Your staff invite their visitors by using the pre-book tab in Check In. Groups can be imported from Excel, and visitors can be pre-booked manually in the Check In web interface or from Outlook room bookings with invitations. The visitor management system can be integrated with your access control system and enable scheduled access by  using drag-and-drop to choose the access zones for visitors with valid access cards. Access cards can also be activated and handed over by a receptionist or guard when visitors arrive at a site.

When an invite is sent to your visitors from Check In, they receive an email with information about the meeting. A QR code is attached to the mail to be used for quick registration using scanners at gates or doors or in self-service kiosks, very similar to how you board a flight at the airport. The Check In visitor management system can also be integrated with Exchange to enable easier pre-booking. Check In retrieves the information from your Exchange account when

you have booked a room and invited external visitors to a meeting. You will get an email from Check In once your booking is completed and when you click on the link in the email, Check In opens the pre-booking tab and all fields are automatically filled with names, dates, times, and visitor e-mail addresses. You simply click the “Send invite button”, and you are done.

Invitations can be scheduled, and, most of our customers send the email the night before the meeting. All QR codes are personal, and you can set the exact number of minutes before the meeting the QR code becomes valid.

Visitors and groups can register very quickly with their QR codes upon arrival. Your visitors can check in at the gate to the facility or wherever your perimeter starts. Visitors open the gate using a scanner and their QR code. An SMS can be sent at the same time to announce that the visitor has entered the area. This allows our customers to reduce staffing at guard-houses where a guard normally handles all visitors.

SystemHouse Solutions has extensive experience when it comes to customer lounges and reception areas. We will be happy to assist you with ideas for how you can manage your visitor flow and reception areas with access control, QR readers at gates, doors, speedgates and lifts and self-service kiosks in a cost effective manner.

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