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EXRead RFID card readers & accessories

The EXRead range of RFID card readers, accessories and configuration tools are suitable for a multitude of solutions, such as time and attendance applications, pipe mailing systems, key cabinets etc., but are primarily for physical access control systems. High security RFID-reading options can be combined with legacy technologies to allow an easy upgrade in the security of what is read from a credential. At the other end, the Secure Channel optionality provided by the Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDPTM) gives you end-to-end encryption possibilities from the RFID credential via the RFID card reader to the access control system.

Versatile MIFARE® card readers with OSDP™ communication designed to be user friendly, without compromising security

RFID Card Readers
The SCR family consists of two different RFID card readers, accessories to suit these readers and a configuration tool software that is used to program what the SCR reader should read, how it should behave and what it should output to the access control or other system that utilises data from a RFID credential.

RFID Capability
The SCR RFID card readers are able to read and utilize the different security options provided in the MIFARE® RFID products such as MIFARE Classic®, MIFARE Plus® and MIFARE® DESFire®. The configuration tool can be used to enable or disable different reading options and security levels provided by each respective MIFARE® product.

The Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDPTM) is a Security Industry Association (SIA) communications protocol that is commonly used in Access Control Systems to improve interoperability between devices in an access control system. OSDPTM has also been included in the IEC Standard for Alarm and electronic security systems 60839- part 11-5: Electronic access control systems – Open supervised device protocol (OSDP). Implementing OSDPTM not only improves the interoperability but also the scalability because several devices can be installed on the same RS-485 line. Furthermore, it can also improve security because the two-way communication allows you to monitor connected devices and also, more importantly, the AES128 encrypted secure channel can be utilized between device and access control unit (ACU).

Country of Origin
The Veo RFID card readers are designed, refined, manufactured and assembled within the European Union.

The SCR-SD-G2 and SCR-S G2 readers are compliant with the General Product Safety Directive 2001/95/EC, Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU and the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive 2011/65/EU and thus fulfilling the requirements for card reader CE marking.

There are a wide range of accessories available for the RFID card readers in the SCR family. The purpose of the accessories is to assist with installation, ensure compliance or improve protection of the RFID card reader.

The RFID card readers in the SCR reader family are easy to install, but installation brackets are available for both the SCR-SD G2 and SCR-S G2 readers for uneven installation environments or surface mounted installations.

For outdoor installation of the SCR reader, it is recommended that an additional protective cover is used to protect the RFID card reader from rain or snow. Two versions are available for the SCR-SD G2, one in transparent plastic and the other in black aluminium.

Accessibility or equal rights legislation has resulted in the RFID card reader often being installed at a height where it can be easily used by a person in a wheelchair. In order for individuals who are standing to use the SCR-SD G2 reader, it needs to be tilted upwards. For this reason, 15 and 30 degree angled installation brackets are available, making the card readers more practical and the text visible to all users.