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Wireless online readers from SimonsVoss and ASSA ABLOY

SystemHouse Solutions is an appointed distributor of wireless online readers from SimonsVoss and ASSA ABLOY.

A wireless online access control reader is normally used in door environments with lower security requrements than a traditional online access control reader. This type of reader is normally an electronic escutcheon that uses a declutched handle when locked and, when the doors is supposed to be open, the handle engages and is operable. Meeting rooms and individual office doors are suitable environments for wireless online readers.

Both Aperio and SmartIntego are easily integrated and used with the Integra platform.


Wireless online card readers from SimonsVoss

The SimonsVoss series of wireless online access control readers is called SmartIntego and is available in several versions; electronic escutcheon, cylinder knob, electronic door handle and padlock. The SimonsVoss SmartIntego series is also available as offline readers, so called VCN-readers (Virtual Card Network) which means that the reader communicates with the system using the RFID card or key fob.



Wireless online card readers from ASSA ABLOY

Aperio by ASSA ABLOY is also a wireless online solution available in electronic escutcheon (with or without keypad), electronic door handle and cylinder knob configurations.

Read more about the Aperio product range here.


Create large solutions together with the Integra platform

Adding wireless online readers to an access control system is a cost-effective way of increasing security where you have traditionally used mechanical locking solutions. By adding an electronic escutcheon or handle to, for instance, an office you increase security, control and flexibility as you can monitor door events. Since you will use the same RFID credentials for both the wireless online doors and the rest of the access control system, you lower the risk of RFID credentials being lost. If they are lost, an administrator can easily block the lost credentials.

Wireless online readers are easily integrated with the Integra platform and thereby becomes a component in a scalable security solution. A wireless gateway that normally is installed in close proximity to the door environment communicates with an Integra access control unit and wirelessly transmits the order to the reader, which executes it accordingly.

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