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S-Node G2

S-Node G2
Door Control & I/0 unit

The S-Node G2 is a door control and alarm collection unit included in the Integra system. This node is usually placed directly in the door environment or central in a server room. It is equipped to control and monitor a variety of door environments. The S-Node G2 is protected by box tamper protection and when required an optional wall tamper is available.

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S-Node G2

In a typical door environment the S-Node G2 manages door open sensor, door open button, electromagnetic lock and card reader. It also manages lock indication, alarm bypass, general alarm inputs and general relay control. When required the unit is able to supply 12VDC for alarm products like movement detectors.


Extension cards

There is a possibility to expand the number of inputs and outputs by using additional extension cards.

Read more about extension cards in the product data sheets further down on this page.

S-Node G2 RS

S-Node G2 RS

S-Nod G2 RS has the same functionality as S-Nod G2 with the difference that all communication takes place over RS-485 instead of LON between Moveo and S-Nodes. The S-Nod G2 RS has one RS-485 connection to the Moveo and one RS-485 connection to the card reader.


An important part of the complete system.

Access point- and I/O controller S-Node G2 is an important component in the Integra security platform. Together with other components such as access control readers and access control units, S-Node G2 forms one of the most secure and advanced intrusion alarm- and access control systems on the market.

S-Node G2 is normally installed on the safe side in the door environment and acts as a communication link in the Integra system. The S-Node G2 receives actions to execute from Moveo or Moveo XL and communicates with the access control readers and/or takes action, for instance disarming an alarm zone.

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