Moveo XL

In the Integra access control system Moveo XL is the main control unit that handles cards, access zones, time zones, alarm management and all other decisions in the system. All configurations such as database setting, alarm evaluation and handling, event’s logging are configured and downloaded from the Integra application. Moveo XL has an internal database for autonomous evaluation off access rights and alarm events. The database is continuously synchronised with central server when connection is available.

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  • Article number
    44281325 Moveo XL
  • Technical data
    Power supply, Typical/Min/Max 24 VDC/20 VDC/30 VDC
    Power consumption, Typical/Max at 24V 130/235 mA
    Enclosure IP42
    Operating temperature -10°C till +55°C
    Dimensions NET (L/W/H) 387/315/55 mm
    Weight NET 3250 g
    Color RAL7035
  • Specific technical data
    Communication TCP/IP (to Server) LonWorks FTT-10 (S-Nodes) RS-485 (card readers) RS232-A (alarm transmitters) RS232-B (UPS)
    Powersupply Out 12VDC, 0.5 A (alarm products) 24VDC Primary (S-Nodes) 24VDC Secondary (Locks)
    Inputs 8 pcs double/triple balanced or digital
    Outputs 4 pcs relays (NO/NC/24VDC), 1A
  • Product datasheet, Moveo XL

Moveo XL – an important cog in a secure solution.

Control unit Moveo XL is an important component in the Integra security platform. Together with other components such as access control readers and access point- and I/O controllers, Moveo XL forms one of the most secure and advanced intrusion alarm- and access control systems on the market.

Moveo XL is normally installed in a server room and acts as the communication central in Integra. The Moveo takes the decisions to grant access or start an alarm sequence based on the onboard database and also controls the access point controllers and access control readers, which in turn effectuates and presents the desired event, for instance that an alarm zone is disarmed or that the electrical lock is unlocked and that the reader signals that the door is opened to the user.

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