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Cloud Solution – Security

Cloud is a SSL-VPN based solution. This set-up allows for great flexibility and is also extremely cost efficient. The solution operates across all kinds of connections and does not have to be reconfigured in case of a move or changes in the net unlike static tunnels that need to be reestablished in case of a change in IP or net supplier. The solution is operable with NAT and existing firewalls/routers and makes it possible to have one or several back-up connections if necessary.

  • Encryption

The VPN-connection uses a AES-256 bit encryption that rotates keys every hour. i.e. the encryption key is exchanged every hour in order to obstruct attempts to analyze and decrypt intercepted data streams.

  • Authentication

Authentication is done using SSL certificates with 2048 bit key lenghts in order to establish a secure communication using https://.

  • Reliability

All critical components in the system such as servers, network equipment and storage are redundant as per the N+1 principle. This means that no component is a single point of failure, there is always an alternative route or unit that can take over without compromising the system performance.

All data centres are security classed in accordance with SSF 200:4 highest security. Alarms are connected to monitor security with active cll-outs on alarms and irregular security patrols.

Only authorized, pre-registered staff are allowed access to the data centre. All physical access is logged and supervised.

The data centres are certified incompliance with fire security grade EI60 which means that they can withstand fire for 60 minutes. Automatic fire extinguishing equipment and direct connection to the local fire brigade is in place. Naturally this equipment is tested on a regular basis.

Uninterrupted power, both by utility power supplies and diesel powered generators is also tested and maintained on a regular basis.

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