Modern visitor flow for modern receptions at Resurs Bank and Solid Försäkring

Resurs Bank and Solid Försäkring was in need of a new visitor management system to create a safe and modern visitor flow. SystemHouse Solutions delivered a solution at three different locations.

Resurs Bank wanted a modern visitor flow with self-service kiosks that relieves the receptionists




Resurs Bank, a success story from 1977

Resurs Bank was founded in 1977 on an attic in the fishing village Domsten outside Helsingborg. Since its inception, a leading group in banking and insurance has developed rapidly.

Resurs Holding (Resurs), which operates through the subsidiaries Resurs Bank AB and Solid Försäkring AB, is a leader in retail finance in the Nordic region and offers payment solutions, private loans and niche insurance products. At the end of 2019, the number of employees was 750 and the loan book was SEK 31.3 billion.


Three offices with one connected visitor system in each reception

Resurs Bank looked for a visitor management system to modernize the visitor flow at three of their offices and they choose our Check In solution.

– We started with one office, says Sofia Mårtensson, Facility Manager at Resurs Bank. Since we have companies at different locations, we extended the solution to more receptions with this this GDPR-secured system.


High security

Check In releases workload from receptionists who can focus on service instead of contacting hosts. Visitors check in very fast using QR-code from an e-mail invitation which has been sent out the night before the visit. The host receives a SMS-notification about the visit and visitors answers a form about GDPR before they get the visitor badge. A nice customer lounge provides a very welcoming reception.

Check In includes different levels of access for admin, receptionists and staff. Administrators have control over every functionality in Check In. Receptionists can check in, check out, handle statistics, scheduled buttons for events, emergency lists and parking. The web interface for receptionists displays the visits of the day and up-coming visits. Staff can only manage their own visitors with pre bookings and search for their own activities using the web interface from any device.


Reliable visitor management system

-We are very pleased with the functionality and that you can chose if you want notification by IP-phone calls or by sms, says Sofia Mårtensson. Another great feature is that we can add more offices when we need. It´s in the same network and we can choose different hardware depending on what we need in a new reception.

-With Check In, we can also relieve the receptionists who can devote more time to service for our visitors.

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