Big savings with automated visitor flow at NKT

CBRE and NKT engaged Bravida Karlskrona to streamline their visitor flow. SystemHouse Solutions visitor system Check In with a QR reader allows check-in already at the gate to the area and self-service at the reception enables large savings in staffing.

Unmanned receptions and smart visitor management lower the costs for NKT


Introducing NKT

NKT is a world-leading supplier of cables to the energy sector. The company develops, manufactures and sells high-quality cables, accessories and solutions for the electricity grid, the construction sector and the rail and automotive industry. NKT offers creative, high-tech and sustainable products, services and solutions to its customers.

With a presence in 18 countries and 37 locations and some of the markets most modern manufacturing facilities in Germany, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic, Norway and Denmark, NKT is the world leader in cable technology.

NKT Victoria in the picture is a custom-built and state-of-the-art cable laying vessel.


How did this project start?

SystemHouse Solutions Swedish partner Bravida was contacted to come up with a concept for automated visitor management at NKT facilities. The requirement was that CBRE, which manages the FM operations for NKT, could reduce the cost of visitor management through a digital visitor system that enables unmanned solutions to the greatest extent possible. Visitors should be able to move from the gates into the area and on to receptions which would be turned into unmanned customer lounges with self-service kiosks.

A working group was set up where SystemHouse Solutions and Bravida Karlskrona joined together with staff from CBRE and NKT. We agreed on a solution with demands for new functions for gates and sms notification at access.

The solution

The film shows how the solution works from pre-registration until the visitor is picked up at one of the reception areas.

All visitors are notified and a QR code for the meeting is sent via sms or email to the visitor’s mobile the evening before the meeting. The invitation also contains a link to safety films and regulations that the visitor must read before they arrive at NKT. The pre-registered visitor has access to the area 20 minutes before the meeting starts and opens, by him/herself, the gate to the area.

A text message is sent to the visitor recipient stating that the visitor has passed the gate. The visitor then goes on to the unmanned reception desk in the office building. The Check In kiosk calls the recipient and tells who the visitor is and what button choices you have to choose for the visit. If you press 1 then you accept the visitor, if you press 2 you can talk to the visitor through the system if needed.

NKT also has an office outside the gates and in the large nice reception we installed a floor standing visitor kiosk for the visitor to register in. The main reception is also unmanned and has high security thanks to Check In.


A clear increase in savings for NKT with unmanned receptions

The advantages for CBRE and NKT are several. They have been able to reduce staffing from the security company and succeed in reallocating resources. The savings are significant and Bravida continues to install Check In at more NKT facilities, the next in turn being Alingsås and Falun i Sweden. NKT and CBRE exist in a number of countries and we hope for even greater cooperation.