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Cost savings and more efficient passage flow with the Integra platform at SLU.

From various security solutions at SLU's various units around Sweden to a unified, joint solution in the Integra platform. This change has not only increased security but also made administration more efficient around card handling and permissions.

SLU - accumulated knowledge about sustainable use of biological natural resources


Introducing SLU

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU, is a university with unified knowledge of the sustainable use of biological natural resources, in the environment and life sciences.
The activities range from genes and molecules to biodiversity, animal health, bioenergy and food supply. Social planning, sustainable development of city and country, as well as global issues (such as a changing climate) are also on the agenda.
SLU conducts operations in approximately 30 locations around Sweden and has about 3,000 employees, 5,000 full-year students, 700 researchers as well as temporary staff and guest researchers.


A clear need for a common security platform

Before Integra was installed at SLU all units around Sweden used their own security solutions for both access control and alarms. As each unit administered its own system, the cost of service and maintenance was out of control. Furthermore, such a method of administration becomes vulnerable because the function stands and falls with one key person.
Smaller systems and the difficulty in maintaining competence led to unnecessary costs and the lack of a strategy for how safety work should be conducted led to uneven relationships between the different locations. In addition, there was no control over how procurement would be handled due to lack of expertise.

SLU conducted an analysis of the existing systems on the market and also made comparisons with how other universities and businesses with large people flows had solved their situations. SLU wanted to achieve the right level of security at the right price and the choice fell on SystemHouse Solutions security solution Integra.


The result? Reduced costs and increased security

Because the solution is a common system for all of SLU, costs have fallen greatly while the security level overall has significantly improved. With central administration and structured processes for card management and permissions, the system has been made more efficient. Some parts are even automated via the student portal, which has meant reduced workloads and thus also cost savings. Today, SLU has full control of costs, development and security levels, etc.
The next step will be to expand the automation for employees, as well as developing the use of smartphones so that card handling can be eliminated entirely in the future.


The Integra system at SLU in numbers

  • 140 access control units
  • 7,000 alarm points
  • 15,000 active cards
  • 1,400 card readers