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Modern integrated safety systems for smooth flows

Having functional alarm and access control systems and smooth visitor management are of the utmost importance in a business that often consists of large areas with warehouses, loading bays and outdoor areas. With security from SystemHouse Solutions, all functionality is gathered in the same system, which will protect your business every day of the year.

Complete security solutions for transport and logistics operations

SystemHouse Solutions has extensive experience in security solutions for warehouses and logistics centers. Our systems are powerful yet user-friendly and easy to install. The systems are constantly updated with new features that make everyday life easier for both employees and visitors.

Alarm, access control and visitor system in the same integrated security solution

Today, System House Solutions’ security systems are available at many warehouses and logistics centres in the Nordic countries, where high demands are placed on flexibility and reliability. In many cases, the delivery and distribution of goods takes place around the clock, which means shift workers and traffic 24 hours a day. Large inventory values need to be protected against burglary and fire, and the premises must be simple and quick to evacuate in the event of a fire.

Alarm and access systems
With visitors, suppliers and employees in the area, there is a need to limit permission to access different buildings and zones. This may include corridors, departments and buildings, but also loading bay gates.

With Integra from System House Solutions, alarm and access control management are combined in one and the same platform. Different access permissions are added depending on which doors and environments each person should be able to access. Alarm management is  achieved through the same card reader panel as access control, which is both practical and cost-effective.

Visitor systems
A logistics centre often receives external visitors for deliveries/pick-ups and various meetings and audits. The Check In visitor system provides you with a great deal of functionality that streamlines the flow of visitors and facilitates for both receptionists and visitors.


DSV’s logistic centre in Sweden demanded a multifunctional security platform that handles access control, burglar alarms and fire protection. With the Integra system all requirements could be met.

Many of the Nordic region's most demanding businesses rely on our security expertise.

It is no coincidence that SystemHouse Solutions products are installed in hospitals, detention centers, museums, industries and offices all over Scandinavia. Our smart solutions guarantee the reliability and highest protection of properties and people around the clock. We are very proud of all our satisfied customers, here you will meet some of them.

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