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Digitalise your visitor flow with the Check In visitor management system

Make life easier for staff and visitors by digitalising your visitor management. Check In offers you a safe and secure visitor flow while relieving your reception staff.

Visitor management for schools and universities.

SystemHouse Solutions’ Check In visitor management system is developed to simplify and streamline visitor flows. Staff have keycards or tags for accessing to all entrances they are authorized to and visitors register in the reception area using self-service kiosks or scanners mounted at speedgates or doors.


Modern visitor management designed for large numbers of visitors

A university campus often encompasses several buildings for students, researchers, teaching staff and administrators. The main reception is designed to serve students who need help and guidance and to welcome external visitors. With the Check In visitor management system, you can relieve the reception. This creates more time for service instead of helping visitors who can manage their visit themselves using self-service kiosks. Check In does the job for you by contacting hosts, registering visitors and printing badges.

Market-leading visitor management system for streamlined people flow

How does it work?

The Check In visitor management system enables you to streamline your visitor flow and relieve staff and receptionists. The entire system is managed from a web interface from any device with a web browser. Visitor badges can be pre-printed from the reception and handed to visitors together with other material your visitor groups need for meetings. Large visitor groups  that are pre-booked can quickly check in using the QR codes they receive before the meeting. Visitors that are not pre-booked check in very easily by typing in their names and searching for their host. The host is contacted by IP telephony or an SMS to be notifying them of their visitor.

Smooth integration with Exchange

Check In comes with an additional licence for integration with Exchange/Outlook/Office 365. This makes it easier to pre-book visitors from Outlook invitations when you book a room and invite people. When your visitors arrive, they use the QR codes to register or even open a door, lift or speedgate to a certain area you want them to be able to get access to. Everything is scheduled with start and end times for their access rights.

Many buildings, one system

If there are many buildings with different entrances on the university campus, each kiosk can be set up with its own services. Different buildings on the campus have different security levels and requirements when it comes to visitor management and people flows. Some receptions handle external visitors from other universities, others handle contractors, partners, deliveries and so on. Some receptions are staffed, some are partly staffed or unstaffed. The Check In visitor management system allows you to streamline the way you handle visitors by using QR codes to open a door or register in a kiosk and wait to be met.

Open doors with valid QR codes

Our self-service kiosks can be equipped with a built-in I/O card to open doors for visitors who have been approved by their host. When Check In calls the host, a voice says who is visiting and what to do. Pressing 1 on your mobile phone approves the visitor and can also send a signal to open the relay in the door. Pressing 2 enables you to speak to the visitor at the kiosk before deciding what to do. Pressing 2 allows you to provide instructions or guide the visitor on where to go once the door has opened.


Swedish University of Agricultural Science (SLU)

With a comprehensive security solution for access control and alarms, the security level has been increased and the administration of cards and permissions simplified for SLU.

Many of the Nordic region's most demanding businesses rely on our security expertise.

It is no coincidence that SystemHouse Solutions products are installed in hospitals, detention centers, museums, industries and offices all over Scandinavia. Our smart solutions guarantee the reliability and highest protection of properties and people around the clock. We are very proud of all our satisfied customers, here you will meet some of them.

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