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Create a smooth and safe visitor flow with the Check In visitor management system

Make things easier for staff and visitors by digitalising your visitor management. Check In offers you a safe and secure visitor flow while relieving workload from your reception staff.

Visitor management in hospital areas

Using SystemHouse Solutions’ Check In visitor management system simplies visitor flows in hospital areas. While staff and contractors often have keycards to access certain areas and doors, visitors most often register themselves in a reception before attending a meeting. The Check In visitor management system offers a secure and efficient way of handling visitors. Regardless whether the reception is staffed, Check In can be used wherever visitors enter the hospital area.


Create the best possible visitor flow

A hospital often encompasses many different buildings spread out over a large area with several entrances and houses all kinds of operations. Visitors may need access to a certain part of the hospital, often with its own entrance. Staff and some contractors have keycards, while visitors register in a reception. The Check In visitor management system enables you to create a visitor flow in a secure and safe manner, regardless of whether the entrances are staffed.

One system, designed for complex hospital areas.

How does it work?

Check In enables you to streamline visitor management and relieve hospital receptionists and administrators. The Check In visitor management system can be administrated from the receptionists’ regular computers via a user-friendly web interface. Visitor badges can be printed before visitors arrives in groups for meetings and single visitors or groups can quickly register in self-service kiosks by using QR codes from the invitations in their mobile phones. Non pre-booked visitors can search for hosts and contact them easily as the system has a built-in IP telephony system that will call the host and say who is visiting and where. Meetings can be booked in any building and you can meet up with your visitors at the booked conference room.

Smooth integration with Exchange

Check In comes with an additional licence for integration with Exchange/Outlook/Office 365. This makes it easier to pre-book visitors from Outlook invitations when you book a room and invite people. When your visitors arrive, they use their QR-code to register or even open a door, lift or speedgate into a certain area you want them to be able to access. Everything is scheduled start and end times for their access rights.

Many buildings, one system

If there are many buildings with different entrances within the hospital area, every single kiosk can be set up with its own services. Different buildings can have different security levels and requirements when it comes to visitor management and visitor flows. Some receptions handle patients, others handle contractors, partners, deliveries and so on. Some receptions are staffed, some are partly manned and of course some are unmanned depending on the situation. TheCheck In visitor management system enables you to streamline the way you handle visitors by using QR-codes to enter a door or to register in a kiosk and wait to be met.

Open doors with valid QR codes

Our self-service kiosks can be equipped with a built-in I/O card to open doors for visitors who have been approved by their host. When Check In calls the host, a voice says who is visiting and what to do. Pressing 1 on your mobile phone approves the visitor and can also send a signal to open the relay in the door. Pressing 2 enables you to speak to the visitor at the kiosk before deciding what to do. Pressing 2 allows you to provide instructions or guide the visitor on where to go once the door has opened.

Relieve the main reception area

Hospitals often have a main reception where patients asks for guidance and where visitors also arrive before meetings. SystemHouse Solutions self-service kiosks improve the people flow in the reception area. They relieve the reception and visitors can be registered and get visitor badges with QR codes to enter other doors inside the hospital. The receptionists can spend more time helping visitors in need of other types of assistance instead of helping visitors who can manage their visit using a self-service kiosk.

Karolinska Institutet, KI

Development of several special functions in the Integra access control system and smooth visitor flow with Check In visitor management system provides KI with a state-of-the-art protection and security system.

Many of the Nordic region's most demanding businesses rely on our security expertise.

It is no coincidence that SystemHouse Solutions products are installed in hospitals, detention centers, museums, industries and offices all over Scandinavia. Our smart solutions guarantee the reliability and highest protection of properties and people around the clock. We are very proud of all our satisfied customers, here you will meet some of them.

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