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Reliable intrusion alarm and access control systems for demanding, complex environments.

Durable, adaptable and integration-friendly. SystemHouse Solutions security products protect operations - everything from nuclear power plants to factories and engineering workshops. With strict access control and reliable alarm management, valuable machinery and warehouses are protected, with everything adapted to the demanding environments that this can involve. The Integra platform provides total security and monitoring, 24 hours a day.

Alarm and access control systems for energy and industrial operations

High-values ​​machinery and warehouses content, shift workers and large buildings are all factors that make alarm and access control both complex and important within industry. The Integra platform offers a complete alarm and access control system, one that is easily integrated with camera surveillance and fire protection for optimum security.


Powerful solutions and systems, when safety is paramount

Factories and industrial premises can encompass many buildings spread over large areas. This requires a flexible and easy-to-operate solution, with high reliability. SystemHouse Solutions offers complete, scalable access systems and intrusion alarms for businesses where security is of the highest priority.

Market leading alarm and access control systems

A larger industrial facility often has staff working in shifts, which means movement on the premises around the clock. Larger factories also have many doors and entries that need to be monitored, both internally so that the right people have access to the right areas, and for externally for visitors, goods and delivery handling.

Integrated alarms and access control

With the Integra platform, both alarms and access control can be integrated into the same unit, which means that the control panel on the card reader can be used to alarm the premises while also providing access to areas for which you are authorized. Staff from different departments can be granted permissions based on needs while temporary staff can be granted time-limited permissions.

Mantrap or interlock

In order to maintain control over access to specific areas doors are not allowed to be open at the same time, only one at a time. A mantrap object is easily configured and maintained within Integra, even over large distances and via different central-nodes

Quarantine zone function

Another smart solution is the quarantine function, which means that certain areas of the property cannot be accessed by the same person within a certain time interval. The quarantine function can be used, for example, if the business involves infectious or chemical products.

C4 Energi

An intelligent solution for managing large staff flows with many flexible functions were the requirements when C4 Energi was looking for a new intrusion alarm- and access control system.

Many of the Nordic region's most demanding businesses rely on our security expertise.

It is no coincidence that SystemHouse Solutions products are installed in hospitals, detention centers, museums, industries and offices all over Scandinavia. Our smart solutions guarantee the reliability and highest protection of properties and people around the clock. We are very proud of all our satisfied customers, here you will meet some of them.

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