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Safer schools with security from SystemHouse Solutions

Modern alarm and access control systems and easy visitor management are very important for schools and educational institutions, which often consist of several buildings and departments with teachers, students and visitors moving about the entire area. SystemHouse Solutions' complete tailormade security solutions for schools and universities create
12q safety for school staff, students and visitors around the clock.

Complete security solutions for universities and schools

SystemHouse Solutions has many years’ experience of durable, user-friendly and reliable alarm and access control systems and visitor management systems for schools and universities. Today, our security solutions are installed at six out of ten universities in Sweden, and our products are also protecting a large number of primary schools throughout the Nordic region. With a focus on great user-friendliness, high reliability and convenient functions, SystemHouse Solutions simplifies the everyday life for employees, students and visitors in campus and school areas.

Alarm, access control and visitor systems combined in a complete, integrated solution

Within a school area, there are high demands on flexible and reliable security systems. The school has many public spaces with large flows of people, parallell tothis staff and students need individual permission to enter specific parts of the school. In addition, the premises must be simple and quick to evacuate in the event of an emergency.

Alarm and access control system

With many people in circulation, there is a great need for limiting permissions to different parts of the school. This could be classrooms, administrative buildings, specific corridors or dining rooms.

The Integra system combines alarm and access management in the same platform. Different access permissions are added depending on which doors and environments each person should be able to access. Alarm management is achieved via the same card reader panel as access control, which is both practical and efficient.

Visitor system

Each day, a number of external visitors come to the school/universty area. The Check In visitor system includes several smart solutions to simplify visitor flows, making things easier for receptionists and visitors alike.

Many of the Nordic region's most demanding businesses rely on our security expertise.

It is no coincidence that SystemHouse Solutions products are installed in hospitals, detention centers, museums, industries and offices all over Scandinavia. Our smart solutions guarantee the reliability and highest protection of properties and people around the clock. We are very proud of all our satisfied customers, here you will meet some of them.

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